The global meeting with sustainability, energy efficiency and circular economy.
In 2022, after two editions, the eMallorca Challenge project evolves and becomes the eMallorca Experience Week, a pioneering initiative that incorporates various experiences aimed at promoting change towards a sustainable, efficient and circular society.

The eMallorca Experience Week focuses on caring for the environment with the efficient use of clean energy, alternative mobility and the circular economy. It gives visibility to products, services and projects contributing to this goal at local, national and international levels.

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The eMallorca Experience Week is a sustainable project, where the carbon footprint is much lower than any other event. The organisers implemented policies and strategies in the work protocols to keep it as low as possible.

The project is promoted by a team of professionals committed to sustainability, with a multidisciplinary vision and extensive experience in the world of marketing, communication and events. Companies and entities support the event and are also committed to sustainability, the environment and circularity.

The eMallorca Experience Week will be held from Monday 30 May to Sunday 5 June 2022, with Inca as its headquarters. Through different experiences, we will present sustainable products, actions and projects together with brands, companies and leading professionals in sustainability:

The third edition of the sustainable mobility challenge whose main goal is to introduce the models, brands and projects of collective, individual and maritime transportation in the incomparable setting offered by the island of Mallorca.

A three-day platform for exchange and a platform for debate focusing on the promotion of sustainable energy and industry, sustainable tourism and the circular economy. National and international speakers present their processes, projects and experiences.

A fair open to the public and located in Gran Vía de Colón (Inca). Exhibitors from companies and brands from all types of sectors will introduce their products, services and projects to the general public, with product testing and attraction platforms.

A qualifying event for the Spanish Alternative Energies Championship. The roads of Mallorca welcome the best national drivers during the first weekend of June. The competition as a showcase for eMallorca’s message and mission.


The eMallorca Experience Week offers various participation options to sustainable organisations and companies of all sectors and sizes.


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