June 2022

From Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th June · Inca The eChallenge is a sustainable mobility challenge whose main goal is to introduce the models, brands and projects of collective, individual and maritime transportation in the incomparable setting offered by the island of Mallorca.

2022 Edition

The eChallenge is first in its kind for measuring and compensating the carbon footprint generated during the days of the event. It includes dynamic tests, activities and challenges in which the virtues of technology for sustainable mobility are promoted, and where the participants are representatives of the companies involved. Public institutions and municipalities also participate. The headquarters of this challenge are located in Inca, where product tests are carried out. Inca is also the starting point for the collective mobility challenge that travels through different municipalities on the island.

Who is participating?

The main car and motorbike brands are present with their last generation models in order to boost their visibility and publicise the excellent features they offer. These mobility challenges are complemented with tasting of local products, promotion of the Balearic landscape and culture.

During the course of the mobility challenge, a large crew will ensure at all times that the eChallenge complies with maximum road safety, as well as with the measures imposed by the COVID-19, with a specific protocol.

 Each day of the event, the participants will leave from Inca to follow a route through different parts of the island, alternating rural, sea and mountain sceneries. At the same time, the teams will regroup in some municipalities where there will be activities, tastings of local products and the vehicles will be introduced to the public. 

What is the eChallenge?

The main goal of the eChallenge is to give visibility to the participating vehicles and brands, and to publicise the event in the media so that the general public can learn first-hand about the development of this challenge and commitment to sustainability.


The football player Dani Rodríguez and his partner, the model Cristina Palavra, Iván Campo, the golfer Nuria Iturrioz, the duathlon and cycling medallist Mavi García, the chefs Andreu Genestra, Koldo Royo and Simon Petutschnig, from the world of motorsport the German driver Helmut Kalenborn or Marc Horrach, Spanish TR3 trial champion, and other personalities such as the artist René Mäkelä, the model Ilona Novackova or the journalist Esteban Mercer.

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