Accelerating the transition to sustainability

From 23 March to 1 April 2023. Inca. Mallorca

eMallorca Experience Week

It is a pioneering and benchmark initiative in the world of sustainability that since its first edition in 2020 aims to promote and accelerate sustainable development, through the promotion of environmental care with the efficient use of clean energy and electric mobility, giving visibility to products, services and projects that are contributing to this goal at local, national and international level.

The shift towards a sustainable, efficient and circular society


eMallorca Experience Week is a showcase for companies committed to sustainability and a professional meeting point of reference where they can share projects and create synergies promoting circularity, linking their image with something as important and necessary as caring for our environment and protecting the planet.

Through various experiences, eMallorca Experience Week will celebrate its fourth edition between 23 March and 1 April 2023, with Inca as the Official Venue and nerve centre, and with the involvement of other large municipalities and public institutions in the Balearic Islands.


It is a sustainable mobility challenge whose main objective is to present the models, brands and innovations in individual transport, travelling and enjoying the roads and landscapes of the incomparable setting offered by the island of Mallorca.


It is a platform for exchange and a platform for debate with three sessions focusing this year on three major themes: Energy, Transport and Sustainable Construction, Sustainable and Circular Tourism for local development, and Sustainable Technology, a current challenge of commitment to the future.


This is a fair open to the public located in Inca where exhibitors from companies and brands from all types of sectors present their innovations, products, services and projects in the field of sustainability.


A qualifying event for the Spanish Alternative Energy Scuderia Cup.  The roads of Mallorca welcome the best national drivers during the first weekend of June. The competition as a showcase for eMallorca's message and mission.


Virtual" version of the EcoRallye "Mallorca" open to the participation of the general public, who can experience one of the routes of the race, with total veracity of views and sensations.


Eco-emotional, interactive and audiovisual workshops that aim to raise awareness among children of what a regenerative and sustainable life means.


An initiative designed to raise public awareness of the need to increase energy efficiency and promote energy savings by harnessing the energy generated by pedalling stationary bicycles.


A new educational challenge aimed at vocational training students in which they will have to build a solar-powered vehicle in teams, through the design of the prototype, electronics, use of sustainable materials, promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.


Business Directory that aims to bring together in one place the professionals and companies responsible with the environment and society. Freelancers, consultancies, shops, services and all those sustainable companies and brands willing to offer transparency.

The best promotions of companies responsible with the environment.

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eMallorca Experinece Week offers several participation options for sustainable organisations and companies of all sectors and sizes.

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