Eco-emotional, interactive and audiovisual workshops that seek to make the little ones aware of what a regenerative and sustainable life means.

Thursday March 30 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m |


What is?

eAula is an initiative that for the second year seeks to make Alcúdia schoolchildren aware of what a regenerative and sustainable life means. More than 300 children from Mallorca participate in the different eco-emotional, interactive and audiovisual face-to-face workshops, where they are explained how the pollution caused by man is affecting them and what ways there are to reverse this situation.

These workshops will take place in the schools of the municipality of Alcúdia with the noble objective of raising awareness among the little ones about the problem of this type of pollution and how it is affecting the environment.

Children studying waste sorting at the ecology lesson at school

For their part, primary school students will be able to attend the Auditori d'Alcúdia to carry out a workshop in which they will work on "their power to protect and regenerate nature". Some workshops based on emotional education to encourage "positive reactions".