“Compromise is not said with words, it is from the heart and it is transmitted through actions.”

1 We support local businesses. We encourage the participation of local businesses and we use their products, maximising their visibility. We want the products we consume to be ‘zero mile’ to a 100% so our carbon footprint is minimum.

2 We prefer digital communication. Our way of communicating is constantly evolving as we follow a frenectic development of cultures and tendencies. We must know how to use digital communication to transmit our mission. The protection of our environment should be real and active.

3 The eMallorca Challenge’s main activity reflects the philosophy of the project. This philosophy is our guide and motivation to create a better world. This is why we want the eMallorca Challenge to be a sustainable event. The goal is to get as close as possible to being zero waste and to leave the lowest possible carbon footprint. In the case we do generate waste, we compensate it with reforestation actions or planting trees. The fair, for exemple, is celebrated outdoors to avoid emissions due to lighting and heating. All the energy we will use for the event should be 100% sustainable.

4 We inform the public on our commitments and we invite them to participate in the sustainable development.

 5 Transparence is an essential element of our project. That is why we are commited to reporting our actions, our strengths and points of improvement towards the sustainable goal. The eMallorca Challenge is a participatory platform, in which companies and institutions can collaborate and debate on sustainable development. We encoourage everyone to write, contribute with constructive messages, questions, fears or challenges through our social media. Everyone’s opinion counts and is important to lead a change towards a truly sustainable society.

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