When things are at their worst and everything seems complicated is a good time to step forward and fight for what we care about. We want to help and contribute to a better world: aware of the environment and practical in order to materialize the change. On a land as rich and beautiful as Mallorca, we are inspired enough to move forward with the global improvement of our planet. Do you want to contribute? Are you an eChallenger?


Participanting vehicles are electric or hybrid. Each participating team uses a vehicle to carry out the route set by the organisation. Regularity sections, sections with consumption measurement, knowledge tests of the team members, dynamic and skill tests… All of this in an incomparable setting, Mallorca and its landscapes, with places like the Serra de Tramuntana as protagonists and of course the most outstanding cities on the island.

The teams

The teams include a driver and his/her companion. Both must carry out the activities of each stage of the mobility challenge. The sympathy, good work and other personal qualities of each team is essential to achieve the best results during the challenge.

The circuit

Each day of the challenge has a common starting point for everyone. The barracks of the General Luque avenue in Inca are the central point of this edition. Participants leave one by one separated by one minute each. The challenge has already begun. It is time for each team to have sharp senses and skills. Link sections and special sections, with surprises, activities, tests and above all care of our environment.

 The passage of the mobility caravan through idyllic places in our geography should make them the landscape, if possible, more valuable. Highlight them on the map so that from anywhere in the world, we can transmit our love for our land and culture. A culture that must internalize the need for sustainability.

Forum – Opening event

at 08:30 a.m.

Main participants

From the institutions to the participating teams, through the promoters, collaborators and members of the committee. Everyone contributes with their own message to then agree on a common message for everyone. The contribution of different sectors is crucial to be able to see the big picture regarding sustainability, with a multitude of prisms and a wide spectrum in search of common improvement.

The conference

Notable personalities will help create conversations with their messages. They will surprise those present in the event and above all give value to this ambitious project, the eMallorca Challenge.

¿Who can participate in the forum?

We want to give visibility to all sustainable projects, products and services. We want to build a community where we can support and give each other recognition. Private individuals and companies can participate as long as they show they’re committed to the sustainable goal, whether they need to consolidate their project or maximise its visibilty. We will continue with this process, edition after edition, thanks to the analysis of the eChallengers. All sectors have a lot to offer. Society demands information so both public and private companies have to be transparent in this changing process.

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